Xiaolan Zhu

Loan Factory

Phone: (512) 806-8160

NMLS#: 2180005

Licensed state: Illinois, Texas, Florida, Kansas, Washington, Virginia, Colorado, Arkansas, North Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, California, New Mexico


About me

As a seasoned mortgage loan officer, I have a deep understanding of the intricacies of the mortgage industry. I have worked with a diverse range of clients, from first-time homebuyers to seasoned real estate investors, helping them secure the financing they need to achieve their goals. My expertise includes a thorough knowledge of various loan products, including Conventional(Fixed/Adjustable), Non-QM, FHA, VA, Jumbo and HELOC/HELOAN loans. I am skilled at navigating complex financial situations, such as debt-to-income ratio concerns, credit score challenges and income verification issues. I pride myself on providing exceptional customer service and personalized attention to each client. I understand that the homebuying process can be stressful and overwhelming, and I strive to make the experience as smooth and straightforward as possible for my clients. I have built a reputation for honesty, transparency, and integrity. I am committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all of my interactions with clients and industry partners. Overall, I am passionate about helping people achieve their dreams of homeownership, and I look forward to continuing to serve the community as a trusted mortgage loan officer.

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