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Phone: (510) 938-1378

Licensed state: California

About me

I have been in the Real Estate-Mortgage industry for over 30 years. I grow up and evolved along with the industry, from its non-digital age to the present expansion of the new technological transformation.

My journey into this new technological era was always accompanied by the desire to explore and expand into the newest boundaries of what was cutting edge at the time.

Today we are pushing new boundaries. The industry has evolved from paper transactions to a new era of digital transformation where data and information are shared fast and efficient and where the information is not held by certain entities.

My quest for transparency and fairness together with my passion for helping others achieve their financial and personal dreams brought me back to focus more on the challenging world of financing and lending.
I wore many hats during my long years of experience from starting as a real estate agent in the early 90’s to becoming a broker-owner of my own company and expanding into residential financing as a mortgage broker.
These experiences brought challenges opportunities and satisfaction to my development as a practitioner in the industry.

I’m dedicated and passionate about the success of my clients and peers.

I’m proud of my past client achievements together with my professional peer’s successes that I have the privilege to assist or collaborate. Their success is my success, which I would like to share with you, whether as a client/client or in a professional collaboration.

Vasile “Sal” Ciubancan
Mortgage Loan Officer

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